Synphase Wiring Diagram

Each Synphase controller is designed to work with only one motor. If you have a 7 motor system, just duplicate these connections 7 separate times, once for each motor in your system.

The only common connections are the parallel connections for power (universal AC input) and communications (12 volt DC).

If the Synphase card is in close proximity to the inverter, it is permissible to connect the power input of the Synphase card to one of the legs of inverter power (240 VAC or less).

Signal transitions are not fast enough to require low capacitance (small size) conductors. Select wire size and stranding to facilitate mechanical attachments. Typically, 2 conductor, shielded, twisted, 18 AWG cable is used for the tachometer, 0-10 volt connection, and communications while 3 conductor, twisted, shielded, 18 AWG cable is used for proximity switches.

The pair of reference proximity switch connections are generally not used in system mode. If you have only one Synphase controlled drive on you machine, these inputs can be used to provide a “stand alone” type of control.

There is a 250 Volt, 100-milliamp contact pair available as an output that can be used for shear latch-out or gob distributor retract. It is closed when the motor is running at synchronous, phased speed.

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