Communications Adapter Update

Synphase control cards communicate with the PC using a serial port. On legacy PCs, this was an RS-232 port. This update allows the use of a USB connection on the computer instead of the now missing RS-232 port. This new hardware requires the installation of a driver to function.
Synphase Update 2.21
  Each data file can be downloaded separately. Left clicking will either download the file to a temporary internet folder or actually open the database. Right clicking and choosing "Save Target As..." will allow you to choose a location to save it.
  SYNPHASE.EXE (861kb)
  RATE.ORG (96kb)

This version corrects the two problems identified in the previous version.

  • In the “Transfer Data to Synphase Card” window (part of custom configuration of the Synphase cards), the error in transmitting a negative value of differential (I=value) has been corrected.
  • In the diagnostic window, the “lagging behind set point by” value was calculated incorrectly. It has been changed.

Additional features in this version are:

  • In the home window, a prominent area to the right top of the screen has been added to display the “line” or “shop” number. This should help to avoid confusion when using one PC to supervise all machines on a furnace.
  • A training section has been added to the “Differential Adjustment” window. It is accessible through the menu selection “Training Examples” in the adjustment window.
  • The older help section for communications problems between this PC and the Synphase cards in the drive system was a large file containing all possible errors. Although the information was in the file, selecting the proper diagnosis sometimes proved difficult. This version has the older files divided into subcategories that automatically pop up as a top window if the specific problem is detected. The sequence of events section added at the top of each problem lists what has already occurred successfully before arriving at the problem point. It should help prevent false starts in troubleshooting.

Installation directions:

  • Find the folder containing the previous version of Synphase.exe (you can use the “right click, Properties, Find Target button” of the desktop icon used to launch the Synphase program.)
  • Replace the older version of Synphase.exe with this version. You may want to rename the older version to Synphase_old.exe prior to copying the newer version into this folder.

The above procedure will provide all the features of this update except a storage location for the “shop number” which is stored in Rate.mdb (Microsoft Data Base). The existing version does not contain a field for this information.

  • In the same file folder as the one containing Synphase.exe, replace the with the version downloaded here. This data base will be used as a template by Synphase.exe to automatically create a new Rate.mdb file.
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