Installation Software for Operator's Interface

Version 2.01

CD version
(3.17 MB installation file)

3-1/2 Floppy version
(3.19 MB installation file on 3 disks)

Individual Data Files
(to replace corrupted files)

A Windows compatible PC containing an USB port is required to adjust and maintain the Synphase control system. It is through the operator’s interface program on the PC that production speed (Bottles per minute) and / or system variables such as “gobs per shear cut”, “step on the machine conveyor”, “sections running”, “paddles on the transfer wheel” are adjusted. Diagnostic screens are also available to aid in quickly identifying any problems that may occur.

The operator’s manual and troubleshooting guide have been incorporated into the operator’s interface program. Right clicking over a control or informational display will show a relevant help topic.

One installed copy and one dedicated “COM Port” (USB to COM) is required for each production line. This however, does not mean that one PC is required for each production line. Creating different file folders for each production line and installing one copy of the operator interface program into each folder allows one PC to be used for each furnace. For example, install a copy of this program onto the PC. It will default to a folder C:\Synphase. Rename the folder Synphase_31 for shop 31. Install a second copy. It will again default to a folder named Synphase. Rename this folder to Synphase_32 for shop 32... etc.

Do not forget to open each program and assign a different “COM Port” to each copy. One PC can control as many production lines as it has available “COM Ports”

This installation program is 3.17 MB. It can be copied onto a CD-ROM and transported to another PC for installation. It is freeware. There is no limit on the number of installations or any restrictions on its use.

If either this PC or the target PC does not have CD-ROM hardware, a second version formatted for 3-1/2 floppies is available. Both installation programs are identical.

Should one of your data files become lost or corrupted and you don’t have a backup, a copy of the original default file can be downloaded and copied to the operating PC. Reinstalling the software may overwrite all the data files. All customized data in the overwritten files will be lost.

Synphase Operators Interface works natively on Windows XP and with XP Mode on Windows 7

Windows 7 Synphase Operators Interface Installation and Usage:

1. Download “XP Mode” from Microsoft.

2. Install to a directory (Typically “Documents/XPVM”)

3. Install Microsoft Virtual PC.

4. Start Virtual PC in “Windows XP Mode” from the “Start” menu. It should ask you where your Windows XP mode install is located (“Documents/XPVM”)

5. Inside your virtual machine download the driver ( and the synphase software ( Install both.

6. Connect your Synphase USB device to your computer. In the Virtual PC click the “USB” button at the top of the screen and on the USB adapter to attach it (it should be called something like “USB to Serial” or “Freescale USB 2 Serial”).

7. Start Synphase in your virtual machine. Make sure the correct COM port is being used (check “Device Manager” if you are unsure), and proceed to operate.

Note: When you restart your computer or the Virtual PC repeat steps 6 and 7 to operate the controls.

Installation - CD version
Left clicking will download the disk image into a temporary internet file folder. Right clicking and selecting "Save Target As..." will allow you to choose a permanent location to store the disk image. If the Synphase operator’s interface is to be installed on a different computer, copy all 37 files onto a CD-ROM.

Run “Setup.exe” to install the program.
Installation - 3-1/2 Floppy version
If this computer or the target computer doesn't have CD-ROM capabilities, the installation program has been partitioned onto 3 disks.

Left clicking will download the disk image into a temporary internet file that must be immediately copied to a floppy before it is lost. Right clicking and selecting "Save Target As..." will allow you to choose a permanent location to store the disk image to be copied to a floppy at leisure.

After downloading it, open the "Disk 1" folder, copy all 13 files to a 3-1/2 floppy. Label the floppy as "Synphase Installation disk 1". Repeat the process for disk 2 and disk 3.

Now take the 3 disks to the computer used to control the Synphase line, insert disk 1 and run "Setup.exe". The computer will tell you when to install disk 2 and disk 3.

Original Data Files

Each data file can be downloaded separately. Left clicking will either download the file to a temporary internet folder or actually open the database. Right clicking and choosing "Save Target As..." will allow you to choose a location to save it.

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