What is Synphase?
Synphase is the trade name for a synchronized, “flex line”, multimotor drive system that incorporates automatic phase positioning. It has been sold in over 40 countries since 1984 and has been installed on hundreds of press and IS machines during that time.

Its roots stem from the early 1980’s when the need arose to synchronize a feeder, press, and homemade fire polisher on a production line. It was desired to use 3 motors instead of line shafting and those motors needed a “front end” to coordinate them. At the time, the cost of a DC brush motor and its SCR type controller was less expensive that an AC motor and inverter of the same horsepower. The decision was made to use a DC motor and coordinate synchronization and positioning through electronic control and feedback.

Do It Yourself STAND-ALONE (further details...)
Each standard Synphase control card also contains an alternate software program and 2 additional proximity switch inputs to allow its use in a “stand-alone” situation. The Synphase controller will automatically synchronize the speed and position of single mechanisms without being the master.

For example, it is possible to add a 178 ware transfer mechanism to your production line without changing any part of your present machine drive.

Do It Yourself MACHINE DRIVE (further details...)
Because of the success of that first system, IS machine bottle samplers were asking if the system could be adapted to IS machine use and if “electronic gearing” could be incorporated. The need for the electronic gearing arose from short production runs that sometimes took less time than the “A/B” change gear replacement time associated with job changes. The first generation of the new microprocessors were used to develop a new control strategy and the concept of the “flex line” was developed. It was a novel concept at the time.

It was quickly realized that it was no longer necessary to control all motors at the same synchronous speed in order to maintain the mechanisms at synchronous speed. Eliminating the necessity of “A/B” change gears had the unforeseen benefit of no longer requiring exact gear ratios among the various mechanisms. It was now possible to use commercially available gearboxes and timing pulleys while the electronic software adjusted for the differences in motor RPM.

By making the “gearing” parameter available to factory personnel, it is now possible for them to select off the shelf mechanical components while still synchronizing the entire production line. Machine repair can now select how the motors are connected to the mechanisms and Synphase will make sure everything stays in time.

Some manufacturers assert that synchronous or even servo motors are required to maintain production and that induction motors are simply not accurate enough.

Synphase is the front-end synchronization control. Synphase is not the motors, inverters, or gearboxes. Synphase is just as happy controlling synchronous or servo motors as it is controlling induction motors. Part of our market is retrofitting used equipment, and when that used equipment has a good motor and drivetrain, Synphase has run a mix and match of synchronous and induction motors on a single production line.

Synphase has run mechanical 10 section triple gob machines at speeds in excess of 500 bottles per minute while maintaining 98%+ pack using induction motors. For production speeds less than 180 shear cuts per minute, Synphase allows the use of induction motors, however, Synphase will still work just as well with synchronous motors if desired.

Uptime of the drive is maximized because one circuit board controls one motor, all boards are identical (guessing which board caused the problem is eliminated), and diagnostic and help screens are included in the software.